Lisa Frye


Primary contact for all parents, children and teachers. Ms. Frye has energetically run the show at Little Lambs since 2000. Her expertise in the Montessori philosophy as well as her solid rapport with staff translate into a consistent, caring environment for your children. Montessori Certified Teacher (MCT)

Mark & Meghan Murphy


As parents and owners since 2007, their priority is to assure that all children at LLMS learn in a nurturing environment each day. They are also involved in the legal and healthcare professions which allows them to utilize those skills in maintaining staff balance and happy children at Little Lambs. Mark Murphy (MCT)

Classroom Teachers

Please see photo boards at school.

Mr. John

Mr. John is mostly retired from being Ms. Frye's dad! You will see him on occasion helping with anything our school needs from tricycle repairs to groceries to gardening.

All classroom lead teachers are required to hold current Montessori certification.

All of our staff are CPR/First Aid trained. They are educated to recognize signs and symptoms of pediatric illness. In addition, teachers are provided with yearly in-service training to give them fresh, age-appropriate ideas to implement in their classroom.

What are the Kansas child to teacher ratios?
Infants (0-12mos) 1:3Infant/Toddler (10mos-15mos) 1:4 Toddler (15mos-2.5yr) 1:5 Toddler (2.5yr-3yr) 1:10 Preschool (3yr-6yr) 1:12

If you have a desire to work with small children, please call 913-940-0207 and let us know your name, contact number, your interest in employment, and request an appointment to complete an application. If you are not Montessori certified . training is available!

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