Weekly Emails

Every week parents receive an email from the school detailing upcoming events, lesson plans, books read, songs that will be sung, the menu for the week and other important information regarding your child's care.

Not receiving your weekly email? Email our director


Lunch menus are emailed to all parents every week. The menu is also available on the information board next to the front door.

Parents Night Out

Giving parents an opportunity to have a date night, this service provides parents the luxury to leave your children in a familiar environment that you trust. Dinner will be provided at 6pm and children can have an additional snack. We will be playing games and play outside weather permitting. Children will also rest or sleep at a time which parents determine.

Holiday Closings

We are closed on specific holidays. Below is a list of holidays we observe

  • President's day
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Holiday
  • Christmas Holiday
    Christmas Eve - New Year's Day


Inclimate weather

Our school only closes on days where it becomes unsafe for our teachers or children attend school. We endeavor to communicate closures to parents by 6am on those days.

EFT Schedule

EFTs are electronically inputted on the 25th of the preceding month for the upcoming EFT. Any change must be made in writing on an Official LLMS Change Form before the 25th of the preceding month in order to take effect 30 days after for the next EFT. If the 25th of the month falls on a holiday or weekend, that EFT will be effective to go out on the business day before.

Are meals provided?

Yes, children who are eating solid foods have daily meals and snacks. Lunch menus are emailed to all parents every week.
For nursing moms, we work flexibly with parents of infants to continue nursing routines or formula feedings that work best for your infant's tummy!

Can parents stop by over lunch?

Of course, we will pull up a little chair for you!

Monthly Snacks

Children and parents are asked to bring a snack and milk on average twice a month. If you prefer the school to provide your child's snack on their scheduled days, LLMS will add $30 to your monthly EFT payment.

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